About Me

Located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, A Paper Florist is a dream come alive for me, Anna Gaseitsiwe, a transplant from Michigan's Upper Peninsula (a Yooper for those in-the-know). The name “A Paper Florist” was provided by my seven year old daughter - perfectly simple and directly to the point. It started as a side hobby of mine. Pinterest boards, Instagram hashtags and actual, real paper books - all filled with gorgeous crepe flowers - constantly flooding my imagination. Then A Paper Florist became a new reality, making paper botanical sculptures and arrangements for custom orders. Turning paper, wire, and glue into something that is often mistaken for real satisfies my obsessive compulsive disorder in a way that none of my other compulsions can ever be. (I might as well use the diagnosis for good as long as I have it).

A Paper Florist allows me to explore new worlds within crepe paper art as well as teach others how to turn something as simple as paper into realistic botanical sculptures.

If you are interested in learning how to make these amazing creatures, find out more about both my public and private workshops.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and A Paper Florist. Knowing I have a supportive and connected community of people makes every day, every flower sculpture, completely worth it.